About Club Cre8ive Local Gaming League

About The Cre8ive Gaming League, (CGL):

The Cre8ive Gaming League is a unique business model designed to address our current economic stuggles. Empty commercial buildings are wasting space in almost every community and it seems violent crime and addiction is on the rise. Humans have seemed to lose their way and it's not easy finding a purpose nowadays so it appears that we need to do more. The gaming industry has the potential to fill that void in our lives by providing people with an opportunity to earn an income based on how much time and effort they put into developing their gaming skills. Guy Moyer and Cre8ive Productions, Sales & Service, Inc. has developed ClubCre8ive.com to make it easy for anyone to create and manage a gaming league in their community by developing Technology based around a cooperative type business model. By investing in PC based gaming systems, we're able to also teach people how to code and develop games during the times the seats go unfilled. We do plan on implementing features to allow different games within the league but during the startup phase, we'll only be offering Gears of War 4 matches.

Why such a violent game? Gears of War isn't about violence, it's about survival. If you follow the story, an alien species invades our planet and tries to destroy us so we have no choice but to set our differences aside and work together so we don't go extinct. This is the premise of the game and that is why we support it as the main game for the league during startup.

How does the league create income for gamers? The Cre8ive Gaming League system is designed to allow anyone in the community to bid on a seat during a 2 hour gaming time slot. Once bidding is over, the bids are charged to gamer accounts which reserves them a seat for the time slot they bid on. In the event that multiple gamers bid the same amount on the last seat, the highest ranking gamer is awarded the seat followed by the alphabetical order of the gamers last name. Teams are assigned according to bids with the highest bids filling the COG team first followed by the Swarm team. Statistics will be logged by league auditors which will determine how much of the prize pool the gamers have earned. There is one team per Sector that is made up of the most talented gamers participating in that location and the teams will participate in an online tournament to determine who get awarded funding to help them travel to compete in tournaments around the world to split their winnings evenly amongst each other.

How is the prize money divided up for each time slot? Percentages may change during the league startup phase but currently the top gamers earn 80%, investors take 12% and Cre8ive Productions, Sales & Service, Inc. takes 8% to cover business expenses and help fund expansion. So as an example say for simplicity purposes, the top gamers bidding $100 would mean 10 gamers paying $100 would create a $1,000 prize pool for the time slot. 80% of that prize, ($800) will go to top 3 gamers from either team with 20% of those earnings to be divided up amongst any sponsors according to how much they have invested in the gamer who earned the prize money. Top gamer gets 50% of the prize pool, 2nd place gamer gets 30% and 3rd place gets 20%.

How are the game types and maps selected? The highest bidder gets to choose the inital game type and map during the bidding process. After the initial game type and map has been played, the lowest ranked gamer for each match gets to choose the next game type and map for the remainder of the alloted time slot.

History Of The Cre8ive Gaming League:

Guy Moyer of Cre8ive Productions, Sales & Service, Inc. began developing ClubCre8ive.com on 3/8/2018 as part of a unique business plan that evolved from cryptocurrency mining. Guy realized that the only way that cryptocurrencies would become a feasible Technology is if developers in that community figured out a proof of stake type solution that would eliminate the wasteful electricity demand required to maintain the network. Guy tried mining Bitcoin in early 2000 but understood the challenges it faced and decided to invest his time and money elsewhere.

At the end of 2017, Guy was impressed with how the cryptocurrency community handled the whole hardware limitation by inventing ASIC miners so he decided to school himself on the Tech again and ended up investing over $25,000 in hardware to begin mining Ethereum. He knew Microsoft had purchased his favorite game franchise, Gears of War and they were putting up some serious prize money to help turn gaming into a career so he figured helping them do that would be worth his time once cryptocurrencies evolved past needing GPUs to process transactions. Guy noticed back in the late 90s while on a job installing a ventilation system in a factory that our workforce was becoming automated so this is when he decided to devote his life to helping create a system to transition over to life with robotics and artificial intelligence.

League Matches & News:

3/15/2018: CGL added a new video, King of the Hill on Checkout.

3/15/2018: CGL added a new video, Dodgeball on Harbor.

3/14/2018: CGL added a new video, King of the Hill on Relic.

3/14/2018: CGL added a new video, Team Deathmatch on Rust Lung.

3/14/2018: CGL added a new video, Team Deathmatch on Forge.

3/14/2018: CGL added a new video, King of the Hill on Impact.

3/14/2018: CGL added a new video, Team Deathmatch on Canals.

3/14/2018: CGL added a new video, Team Deathmatch on Avalanche.

3/13/2018: CGL added a new video, Guardian on Reclaimed Windflare.

3/9/2018: CGL added a new video, King of the Hill on Canals.